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What is Law In Order Apps?

Please have a look through the Apps that Law In Order have developed for the Legal and Document Services Industries to make your life that little bit easier. If you have a suggestion for an App that could be used, we would love to hear it.

Law In Order Data Wheel

Click here to download.Data-CalculatoriPad-screen-shot-20130429-DM.jpg

Whether you have an archive box, a CD or hard drive – the LIO Data Wheel will quickly give you a general idea of how much material you have which can help determine costing, review time as well as assist in consideration of the next best step for your document requirements.

Main Features

  • Conversion of hard copy pages to electronic data and vice versa
  • Quantity estimation for
    • Pages
    • Documents
    • Lever Arch Folders
    • Electronic Data size

Called the Law In Order Data Wheel, the free app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store today or click here to download now.

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