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Job Description: 778 GB of data to be reviewed - Cost Savings: $285,000 AUD

Law In Order’s client, a large energy company, was involved in litigation over an environmental matter. Only one lawyer was assigned to the case, overseen by one independent consultant - an especially small team, given the 778 GB of data collected for the case. In an effort to save costs, both sides agreed on a list of keywords to help identify relevant documents. De-duplication culled the client’s original count of 6.6 million documents down to 3 million documents. The list of keywords culled the document count significantly further, down to only 157,000 documents. However, with overly inclusive keywords like “environment” being used, it was evident there were still many non-responsive documents left in the collection to sort out—and that meant a lot of work remained for only one person to review. Law In Order proposed using Relativity Assisted Review.

Job Description: Novice E-Discovery users required to assess 40GB Lotus Notes Files - Time Frame: 1 week

Our client with no E-Discovery experience had to assess 40 GB worth of Lotus Notes e-mail files. They wanted a quick, low cost option to access the information on hand in order to evaluate the scope of the issues and determine their approach. We ran the files through Venio which gave lawyers access to the data within hours. As the client needed to ascertain how connected the e-mails were in relation to the matter – they wanted a clear picture of the parties involved, our Solutions Consultants ran keyword searches and showed the social network map that visually shows who this person sent emails to which proved to be a great tool to the legal team. The use of Venio allowed for the legal team to complete scoping in 2 days and the Discovery completed within 7 days. The job was delivered earlier than expected and under budget.

Job Description: Regulator request for information, unknown data size & scope - Time Frame: 10 days

Our client was tasked to meet a regulator request for information within a 10 day period. The initial data size was not known, nor was the content or discovery scope. Ultimately we received 400GB of email and free files from the file server. We ran the raw data into Venio and within 24 hours the lawyers were able to look at the first 100 GB batch of information first thing in the morning. We then sat down with the partner and the senior associates of the matter and were able to refine Keywords/Date Range/Custodians elements of the data very very quickly – ultimately there were 150 custodians and 450 individual items. Project was delivered within the time frame.

Job Description: Fast discovery deadline - Time Frame: 3 days

Our client had 1.2TB of data they needed to assess to determine the scope of discovery. We received 1.2TB of data on three hard drives. The data was ingested and indexed into Venio FPR within 3 days, allowing the lawyers to view, search and analyse the documents to accurately determine the best course forward in the matter.

Job Description: eDiscovery and Case Management hosting of 230 GB - Time Frame: 8 weeks

Our client required the extraction, culling and hosting of 1.2 million items for a fast turnaround request from a government regulator. A process strategy was developed to enable the firm to meet the deadlines. Execution included the electronic processing of all the evidence then presentation on a hosted case management platform for native file review. Once privilege and relevance of documents was determined LIO extracted and rendered the appropriate requisite documents in preparation for presentation to the regulator. The job was delivered on time & on budget.

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